Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I'm sure I left him around here somewhere

Daryl's gone missing. The last time I saw him I was coveting his 100% waterproof running jacket shortly before we parted on the Aylesbury bypass. Yet again I was soaked to the skin (my feet were freezing) cold and miserable. My back light had broken in the rain and Daryl was light-hearted and smiling. My crappy nylon top clung to my crap-covered skin. Daryl went off down the bypass and I pounded some more tarmac through the villages.

I'd just made it back to what I thought was the safety of my lane when, Bang!! I hit a pothole with both wheels. Bloody thing was obscured by the rain. I'd phoned the council about these nearly 2 weeks ago. A torrent of abuse from me diffused into the torrent from above.

My back light lay smashed on the floor now, next to the treacherous pothole. More abuse. I got back on the bike. The rear tyre had been holed and the inner tube sliced. O Joy!

After a far more heroic and hilly ride home, Daryl chose to reward himself with retail therapy. It proved to be his undoing. Needing to relieve himself in a well-known department store he stepped onto a just-washed floor with no warning signs and went sizeable bottom over man-boob. He now has a strange bump on his collar bone and his right arm in a sling. Worse still he can't train so yet again the onus falls on me. The boy is such a let down! Rapateeti, come back to dadeeeeee!!!!!

So it's off into the hail, wind, rain, dirt and ubiquitous horsedung for me again. At least I hope it's horse...


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