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MessageFrom: will
Date: 4-Mar-2007

i got back from kao lak last september i spent twelve months there the roads are now perfect like a formula 1 track the night is great fun and the diving superb. the cimillans are as good as ever 250bt per night for 2 man tent see siam diving for a cheap lift out ,perfect!


MessageFrom: Dieter Korb
Date: 4-Dec-2005

Dear friends,
I met Peileen november 2004 in Similana Spa Resort and I will come in contact with her again. I know that she left Similana Spa Resort. Does anybody know where she is??
Best regards


Missing PersonFrom: Enzo Grasso
Date: 12-Jun-2005

I'm Italian, last 26 dec i was in Khao Lak with my wife, on the beach near the GARDEN vILLAGE and near a Yellow diving center, i'm alive but my wife is missing. Yesterday i wrote about your site, and about your, i need help please!!!! I was again in Khao Lak but i did find nothing, i don't know if she is alive, maybe she is dead but i never find her body. If some one had saw the body or have some news about her, plese write me, i'm living a terrible period.

My wife, named Morena, has a paralisys on the legs, she is 46 years old, brown hair with red thone, dark eyes, a great scar on the center of the back, she had a swimming wear (not a bikini) maybe medium grey or turquoise with green leaves, a little rosary ring, and maybe a watch like swatch. Near the diving center there was a tree, and every day i pat her wheelchair there.

Please if you have any informations about her let's me know, maybe someone know something, i'm desperade! I'm coming in Khao Lak again next month because it's not easy to live without her and without news.

Please Write me! Thank you very much
[email protected]


Missing PersonFrom: Hans Carlsson
Date: 12-Jun-2005

We wonder about a Swedish men, Micael or Micke, working as a guide in Khao Lak, married with a thai girl, children an had a smal shop just outside Khao Lak. We spoked with him a lot during our tree weeks in Tropcana, jan 2004.


MessageFrom: Sascha TŁnnissen
Date: 16-Apr-2005

I have just read the article about K. (Koen de Wit). Me and my girlfriend martina made an course with K only a few days before the 26 dec. We get to know from his friends from scuba that he was injured but ok. The article from him and yours in details about the costs he has at the moment shocked us and we want to help. iīm planning to go to khao lak over bangkok in may and i wanted to ask if you can perhaps make a contact between me and K., perhaps you can give him my email adress so he can contact us if he wants to.. i dont know if he recognizes us, we spent a whole week with him and our minds were and are often with him. thanks for your help... best wishes, sascha+martina


Found PersonFrom: Ann Ljusnefors Norstedt
Date: 6-Apr-2005

Dan Ljusnefors is not missing! I am his sister and he is back i Sweden safe and sound.
Thank you for your commitment
Ann L.N.


MessageFrom: Nikki Carden
Date: 31-Mar-2005

G'day All At Dive Aid,

What amazing life altering experiences your instructors had in the boxing day tsunami. Please accept my best wishes and support for continued healing. I am a student of psychology at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia. As part of a phenomenological study of human experience, some collegues and I are using the experiences of Paul & Karin, Andrea, Matthew, Keith and Michael as presented on your site, for analysis.
Their stories are extremely evocative, I am still drying tears as I write.
Our life here is very sheltered from such destitution.

As part of our study we need to provide some verification that the stories we used were true. Is anyone there able to verify that these people do work for your company, and that they were in Thailand at the time?
I apologise for the insensitivity of my request as I firmly believe in their validity, having spent many days researching, we have been disgusted by the number of tales posted by people who clearly weren't involved but merely thrive on their imagined involvment.
In order to tell the stories of your instructors we need to provide some validity.
By telling these stories we hope to heighten the awareness of Australians to the needs of the rebuilding programs in Thailand and other areas. We donate money to rebuilding funds but don't know how to be of more practical assistance. Any suggestions would also be appreciated.
Thanking you, Nikki Carden


MessageFrom: Linnea & Brian
Date: 16-Mar-2005

To all victims of the tsunami, we feel terribly sorry for all you have been through and your loss. We are thinking about you and wish you all the best in the future. Thanks for sharing your stories with us.
Joakim; Good luck to you and your family.
Love Linnea Andersson & Brian McConnell


MessageFrom: Rosemarie
Date: 5-Mar-2005

I read your harrowing account and like you I was on the beach and washed away too.
Angels watched over me and my family too, although we were injured.
Your photos are the first visual evidence rather than memory of that day but you did not label the photos so I could not recognise anywhere.
We were staying in Sabai Sabai, but on the beach when it arrived.
I hope time will heal your mental scars and you are in our thoughts.

Kindest Regards


Found PersonFrom: Paula
Date: 22-Feb-2005

Scoby and Mel are safe on Koh Tao, both teaching again.


MessageFrom: Andy and Heather (ACE)
Date: 21-Feb-2005

I cant begin to say how great but sad it has been to read all the messages on this site about good friends of ours who were in Khao Lak that fatefull day. It's also fantastic to hear all the support from friends we have from Koh Tao. Heather and I have only just learnt about this site after meeting up with Dry Bar Pete and his wife Young in London last week. Like so many of us that lived in Khao Lak we lost our house and all in it to the wave. Our experiences over the next 2/3 days were similair to all the others you can read about on this site, and will take a lifetime to forget if at all. Since leaving Thailand we have been lucky to stay together and spent 3 weeks in Tampa FL with Heathers parents. We have just arrived back here after visiting my family in England. Like so many others we have nothing left and have to start over again from scratch, but we WILL go back to our home in Thailand one day! For now we have to try to rebuild and save up some money to make that happen. We are eternally greatfull to our families and friends who have helped us out financially this last 2 months, and to those who helped in the days after the wave struck with clothes, food shelter etc etc. So many of those that helped were Thai and it is these people that had the least to give, it would be nice to give something back one day. It seems that all of our friends affected by the wave have turned up safe or alive. Kay, it is so good to hear you are on the road to recovery and reading your personel account bought tears to my eyes once again, hang in there mate. Andrea, Jim, Kieth, Sara, Fred, Michael, Tik, Jo, Klaus, Jorgen, Marcel, everyone, Heather and I wish you all the best over the weeks and months to come. Unlike so many others we were spared for a reason and although we may never know what that reason is, we should live our lives to the full and make the most of what we have. As we now know all to well life can be terribly short, this isn't a trial run! Does anybody have news of Scobby and Melissa? We heard Scobby was safe but we are not sure how reliable it was. Please if anyone knows contact us by email or via this site. On a happy note Heather and I got engaged on 18th Jan, no firm date for a wedding yet we just wanted to feel some happiness amongst all this pain and sadness. Well, i will leave it there. This is such a great website, it has enabled so many friends to re-establish contact and find out news of others. One of the things we all lost in our houses were address books and contact details, proving that it can be the small things that you miss most. To all our friends we wish you the best and hope to hear back from you sometime soon.
Andy and Heather XX


MessageFrom: Paige
Date: 20-Feb-2005

A heartfelt thanks to you & all of those who are doing all you can to help those in need. Hopefully the many prayers will help heal the spirits of all those who have suffered so much. Take care.
Many blessings,


MessageFrom: Jorgen
Date: 15-Feb-2005

Here's a fabulously good link to a bundle of stories and information produced by the dive company Raya Divers. Thank you Jaska for sending the link along, god bless. To all divers at and the owners of Raya Divers; thanks for a fantastic job done and everything that you do. Your are in many ways a role model for dive operators!


MessageFrom: Dr Luba Matic, SSS Recompression Chamber Network
Date: 8-Feb-2005

I would like to say thank you to all who helped on 26th in Khaolak.

Especially to all dive professionals who were up to their armpits in helping injured people. Those are the people who prevented so many secondary injuries which would be otherwise massive given a circumstances.

Khaolak story would be even more tragical if that wasn't a diving place (and still is!) full of people trained in life support skills, people who know how to stay calm even when that is not really an option. Lot of thanx to the Thai girl called Tukta i met on 26th of December in Khaolak clinic where we tried to provide some emergency medical assistence, triaging and evac to the overwhelming number of injured people. Later on i ended up in Takuapa morgue for a month and never met her since. I hope she is OK. If anybody knows her please tell her that i am sorry i did not have a chance earlier to say how much i appreciated her selfless assistence that day.

MessageFrom: Birdie
Date: 8-Feb-2005

Please see the Tsunami at Sea weblog created to find and share stories by people who were in or on the Bay of Bengal, Dec 26th.


MessageFrom: Guy
Date: 28-Jan-2005

Dear Adam,
I am having this posted on the website in the hope that you will see it. I haven't been able to thank you personally for your kind donation because the messages keep coming back. Please be assured that what you gave us is going to the right people and places in their time of need.
Sincere thanks again,
Guy Venner


MessageFrom: Annie
Date: 25-Jan-2005

Dear Divers, Again, THANKS to ALL of YOU for sharing your experiences so unselfishly, and thus, helping to give all of us who weren't there, a better understanding & feeling of what this tragedly really felt like on the INSIDE. Each of your stories and encounters has so much depth and compassion - you are all truly blessed and have so much to offer the world. May you all find peace and harmony again in the very near future.
I'd like to share another special place where I'm sure each of you will find much comfort, both receiving and giving healing from a distance .... http://www.davedavies.com/splanet/healing/sanctuary.htm
It's a most loving and tranquil place to spend some time ....
May the donations keep pouring in, so that you can all resume your 'duties' soonest.
Blessings always,


MessageFrom: Jamie
Date: 24-Jan-2005

I have just returned to Khao Lak for the first time since I left on the 23rd, to empty my old office. There is huge clean up operation going on at the moment but the devastation cannot be hidden. Some of the shops are soldiering on, but 90% of the town has now closed. The beach area once vibrant has been bulldozed and is now mostly bare earth. All one can hear is the distant sound of heavy machinery, the waves and bird song. For those of you who may not be sure whether to send in donations, please keep them coming. I have close friends DNA testing in Takuapa and the support for the locals is still needed. To my friends who survived, where ever you are. Chok Dii


MessageFrom: Paula and Mischa Kilby
Date: 22-Jan-2005

Hey Andy, Kir, Guy, Piers & gang

It is a fantastic job that you are doing to support all our friends on the west coast. Keith, Paul, Fred, Michael and the hundreds of professionals that dealt with the aftermath are truly unsung heros. We donated clothing, bedding etc and have employed many of the professionals that have come over to Koh Tao looking for work. Being so close yet so far away we felt completely helpless here. We have passed your website to friends and family at home so that they can help donate to our good friends who were directly affected. Thank you again, Paula and Mischa


MessageFrom: Stephen Greenstein
Date: 21-Jan-2005

Having done my OW diver in Kao Lak in 2000 and then strangly enough, in January 2004 I got my first job with Similan dive Safaris as a OWSI and was able to work free lance with several companies including Coral Grand, Big Blue, and the Thai company Bubble Blue with whom I was in contact with a few days before the Tsunami. I've tried to reach them since with no luck. anyone have any news? Their office was accross the street from Coral Grand.

I will be back in Thailand on Monday from France. I hope to be able to help out somewhere. I feel devestated. Thank you dear friends and colleagues for relating what happened there. We have sent money to dive aid as well as other French friends here near Montpellier.

Stephen Greenstein 961376 OWSI


Missing PersonFrom: Greg Liebman
Date: 20-Jan-2005

Have tried everywhere else with no success. Trying to verify status of Jason Butler and his girlfriend, Pip....both Brits who owned a small, contract dive company called DiveButler. Last email they had found a place in Phuket, but were teaching off liveaboards on Phi Phi.


MessageFrom: Annie
Date: 18-Jan-2005

Hey DIVERS, I hope that you have also visited the following site for messages pertaining to ALL of YOU BRAVE and exceptional citizens of the WORLD ... THANK YOU for everything that you did to help and comfort others .. no matter how great or small, maybe even simply making your shoulder available for another to cry upon, or your ears available for another to share their anguish and grief .... WELL DONE!
Your REAL (intended) 'job' / 'purpose' is only just beginning .....
ENJOY!!!!!!!!! :)
With love and an abundance of light,


MessageFrom: Jane Weller
Date: 17-Jan-2005

Have gladly donated. Dived with Kon Tiki and Sea Dragon in Khao Lak in 2003. Any news on these guys? Only hope they all survived. Boat crews were great. Even the little old Thai lady on board who use to cook up a storm in a wok for all of us! Even chips for our 8yr old son. (boat was 'The 'Koragot') My heart goes out to them. Dive Aid is a great idea. We have sent money to DEC but so glad to help all in Khao Lak directly.
Thank you.
Jane Weller


MessageFrom: John Lippmann
Date: 14-Jan-2005

Please post this link about what DAN SEAP has been trying to do. Thanks.



Missing PersonFrom: Tony Phillips
Date: 10-Jan-2005

Im looking for a friend who was a dive instructor in Thailand called Keira Coleman (Irish about 30). Ive sent her a message and got no reply. I wonder do you have any info?

MessageFrom: Nasha
Date: 10-Jan-2005

Hi there,
my family and i lived in Khao Lak for nearly a year. My husband, Wolfy was a shareholder of Big Blue Diving. Still in tears while i am writing, reading all the stories over and over again. Where can we send queches to.
All of our friends collected clothes and shoes and what ever else is needed. But we need an address to send it to.
Thank you all for what you are doing...lots of love Nasha

Found PersonFrom: Gregory Walker
Date: 10-Jan-2005

I am looking for my friend and dive instructor from Khao Lak. He worked at IQ-Dive. He owns Pinocchio Restaurant at the North end of the city.

His name is Ramon and is maried to a Thai lady with two kids and one together. I just want to know if they are OK.

Thank you,
Greg (New Orleans, Louisiana USA)

Follow up...

The IQ-Dive office posted a message in English and German stating that the entire dive crew survived. I hope this is accurate.
Here is the link: http://www.iq-dive.com/

From: Steffi
Date: 11-Jan-2005

Ramon and wife are 100% ok, not injured. I saw them in person, they left Khao Lak on the 28th but i don't know where they went.
best wishes,

MessageFrom: Jorgen
Date: 10-Jan-2005

Dear all.

Three weeks have passed since the tsunami wave changed so much for so many in ways that too often goes beyond what anyone can understand. For many of our friends things turned out to be rather ok under the circumstances. But there are still many many to care for that lost not only all their possession but also family members, relatives and their way of life.

The efforts to help those affected continues and with more strength and more hard work than ever before. Since we launched the Dive Aid web page that response and the will to help has been very positive and continues to grow. Thatís fantastic! To simplify our common work, all resources are now channelled through Dive Aid. That goes for information as well as for donations and distribution of aid and support.

The fund based in Sweden will now be closed. We would like to send of a big, grateful and heart-warming THANK YOU to all of you contributing. The surplus in the fund as of today will be steered as before but now primarily to Thai nationals stuck in Khao Lak, people we know and that need lots of support and aid. You are many that made donations and no matter how big or small, you have all made a huge difference and your contributions will continue to do so!

Please visit our web page if you havenít done so already: www.diveaid.co.uk

Jorgen, Jennifer, Andy, Kir and Guy
Dive Aid

Missing PersonFrom: Lee Mason
Date: 10-Jan-2005

Hi, i have 2 very good friends who live in Khao lak, i am having great difficulty getting hold of them.
Their names are Nom and Sumet!!!

Sumet works in Funky Gekko, and Nom has a bar called the giant bar located on the beach!

Alternatively, could i have the telephone number for the funky gekko.


MessageFrom: Michele Foley
Date: 9-Jan-2005

I was shocked and terribly saddened when I first heard of this almost unbelievable tragedy, I cannot imagine what you are all going through. But to read the accounts of Keith, Paul and Michael...I feel very proud of you all. Having spent three and a half amazing years on Koh Tao, knowing you all and many more, my heart goes out to everyone. If there is anything I can do, please just ask. My thoughts are with you, more than usual, at this time. Dave Merrett, Freddie Johannsson (Buddha View)...pls let me know that they are ok...Guy, Claire, Tom and everyone else involved in Dive Aid...you're doing a great job, thank you. xxxx


Missing PersonFrom: Claire Nelson
Date: 7-Jan-2005

I have just come across your site and wondered if you knew of some old friends of mine who were running a dive charter out to the Similian Islands in 1991 Ė Tim and Coralie Anstey.? Iím not 100% sure if they were still living in Thailand at the time of the tsumani, as I have since lost touch, but it was just on the off chance that you may have come across them. I would love to know that they are safe and well. Thanks and sorry to bother you.
Claire Nelson

MessageFrom: Dave Rosenthal
Date: 7-Jan-2005

God Bless you and your buddies. I hope they are all well and getting better.
Our prayers and support are with you. I made a contribution via paypal. I hope more folks do the same.
Dave Rosenthal

MessageFrom: Kine Bergseth
Date: 7-Jan-2005

Hello everyone,

I have just read in tears these dreadful stories, and I can't imagine how its been for you all. Especially have i search through all newspapers lists etc to find names of people i know, and when i saw pictures of Joachim and Su, Jo heard about Fred, I started crying. I am so happy Joachim aswell as so many others made it. I would like to get in touch with Joachim, can some of you send me his email or give this message to him?

thank you so much! You all did and probably still are doing such an amazing job! Please take care, keep up the spirit. It must be so hard!

Kine Bergseth

MessageFrom: Luis Loubet
Date: 7-Jan-2005

Hi guys, just wanted to post some updates for the ones that are asking about Jim and Andrea, they are both back in NZ and Germany with their families, tring to get a grip with what happened. Also to let you know that in Mexico I'm also trying to rise some funds, so far a got a couple of friends here in Mexico and in the UK to donate in UNICEF, and now that I have this contact (diveaid) I can try to get the rest to donate here.

Also I send some stories to the big national radio stations in Mexico and got them to ask for donations to millons of mexicans that lisen to this stations. Not much I can do from here. To all of you guys that not only survivied the Tsunamis but were sane enough to help the others in need, I wish you a quick recovery not olny from your injuries but of your mind, and I know that you are not going to be the same after this, becuse now you are all better people. If you guys want the stories from Jim and Andrea from CG just e-mail me and I send them to you, I would like to see all the heroic stories from all this people in the same place, so that others can feel and see what is possible to do when tragedies like this happen. I so much would like to help more, and I so much would like to go back to beautifull Thailand and visit all my dear friends, go diving and drink a big chang to your health!!.

Luis Loubet


Missing PersonFrom: Karoline Koch
Date: 6-Jan-2005


You don't know me but you might be able to help me.

I am searching for my Thai friend who lived and worked at Khao Lak. He worked at Tukta Restaurant at Nang Thong Beach.I know that everything is completely destroyed down there and that Tukta is not existing anymore.

But I don't want to give up my hopes that he might be still alive. You might know the people from Tukta and you might know Klang.

His Thai name is jirayuth sujarittum. He is pretty good to recordnise as he has got a Mohawk (irocese) haircut and a goat beard which is pretty untypical for thais..As I know his uncle owns the restaurant and almost his whole family has been working there, his two cousins, his brotherÖ. I can't and don't want to believe they are all dead.

As it is almost not possible to receive any informationís about Khao Lak and the surviving or injured or dead people, especially thais if you try it from Germany you guys are one of my last hopes. I donít know if you are still down there in Khao Lak. If so did you hear anything or saw anything? Do you have any possibility to get some informationís? Do you know locals who might could have information's about him. I am sure the locals know each other for sure. I am happy that almost all staff from the diving bases have survived. And I know you guys know a lot of people and you have the possibility to mobilize people. If you not at Khao Lak anymore do you know other friends you could ask? I know that Khaolak scuba Adventures had one of his shops right inside of Tukta Restaurant. You might know one of them and they might have any idea about Klang and his family.I could send you over some photos of him if you want me to so you can get an imagine how he looks like.

I canít tell you what a huge favour it would be if you could help me out a bit. I just canít stand it anymore to change between hopes and giving up at all. It drives me completely crazy. I so sorry for all the people who lost love ones as I know what they are going through right now. I know it must be so much worse for you down at Khao Lak. How can we imagine how you feel like... I canít believe that this little paradise is just gone. Destroyed in 10 minutes...

Thanks Karoline

Missing PersonFrom: Cate Jago
Date: 6-Jan-2005

i am trying to locate the following person, and wondered if you can help:
Colleen Macdonald
Age 36
Was diving with Similan Divers +66 (0) 76 420 130
Colleen was last seen on Christmas Day with her boyfriend.
many thanks, and good luck with everything.cate.x

MessageFrom: Jorgen
Date: 6-Jan-2005

The little boy on the Picture is a Swedish boy called Hannes, in the press called "The Miracle Boy". He's alive and well! He was rescued by an American couple and re-united with his dad December 30. As far as I know he's back in Sweden. Sorry to say, he apparantely lost his mum.

Circulated email from Tess Ruktapurana:

Dear Friends,
Unknown Boy submitted by Tess RuktapuranaThis boy is about 2 years old. Found and taken from Khao Lak Resort Area,the southern part of Thailand. His parents are missing. His nationality cannot be identified. [...]
I thank you all for extending kindness to this boy.
With kind regards,
Tess Ruktapurana
Thai Airways International PCL

Found PersonFrom: Andy KRANT
Date: 6-Jan-2005

DAVE MERRETT - is by all accounts alive and well!


MessageFrom: Claire, Tom and Mariana
Date: 5-Jan-2005

just read the lucid accounts of what happened to you all and our hearts go out to all of you..We are living in a little community, just hearing that the death toll was rising unbelievably, then hearing that all we knew and loved were safe so relief but reading your accounts has made me realise the tragedy you and the communities you were a part of are going through. You must be so saddened and shocked by all you have witnessed and I am so proud to have you as friends because your actions in the face of such devastation were truly amazing. We are now trying to coordinate the fund raising that has been continual in the dive community here in Dahab and will be in touch with you Guy when we have got things done. You are all in our thoughts and our love goes out to each and everyone of you. Claire, Tom and Mariana

MessageFrom: Jeff Jules and Jemma
Date: 5-Jan-2005

We are old friends of Keiths who were very scared for him when we saw the news of the tsunami. We are so grateful that he and his friends survived. After reading all your messages here we realise what a great group of friends and colleagues he has had thru the dive community in Thailand and how much you all did to help in the aftermath. All we can do is say whatever we can send from raising money we will send to your appeal here to help you all rebuild your shattered lives. We are organising an event on January 22nd which profits will be donated to start with. Keith has visited and we are in the process of providing him with money, clothing, support, and above all LOVE. We hope you all have the same sort of support as he does.

Thank you for the oppurtunity to read your accounts and good luck in your rebuilding,
PEACE & LOVE, Jeff Jules and Jemma


Found PersonFrom: Jorgen
Date: 4-Jan-2005

A friend of a missing Swedish DM or Instructor that probably was working in Khao Lak by the name of Dan "Danne" Ljusnefors - wonders if anyone of you have any information on him?

From: Ann Ljusnefors Norstedt
Date: 6-Apr-2005

Dan Ljusnefors is not missing! I am his sister and he is back i Sweden safe and sound.
Thank you for your commitment
Ann L.N.

MessageFrom: John Allen
Date: 4-Jan-2005

To all those wonderful friends that I shared the best days of my life with diving on Koh Tao and indeed to all those others touched by this disaster, my thoughts are with you. If there's anything I can do to help (now living in London) please get in touch. John

MessageFrom: Hazel Welch
Date: 4-Jan-2005

To all the friends i have worked with in Thailand i just wanted to send you my love and let you know i am thinking of you. I cannot even begin to understand what you have been through but i am here should you need me so please let me know if there's anything I can do.

MessageFrom: Michael - Big Blue Diving Thailand
Date: 4-Jan-2005

Hi all,
I'm writing this from Bangkok after having spent 5 days in the disaster area of Khao Lak.
Firstly, I have a quick one for anyone that was at the viewpoint near Viking Restaurant. I believe Keith was there. Got an email from Sweden. Yet another person looking for their loved one. Mails and phone calls from people getting my number from friends of friends of friends etc. keep coming in.

Missing PersonBelow is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by (peter Ňberg) on Saturday, January 1, 2005 at 12:52:35
Isabella ErikssonHi I am looking for Isabella Eriksson, a blond 167cm tall swedish girl, who is missing in the Khao Lak area. Friends of her has seen her name on a list that they think some of your people has put together, but she is still missing and hasn't been in touch with anyone in sweden.
Her friends say the list was put up on "View point ave de centre" close to a swedish bar called "Viking". Do you now anything about the list, do you have it, have you past it on and in that case to whom, do you have other names on the list I can track?
Please Please Help

K in hospitalFred told me lists were made up there but he doesn't know where they are now. Probably merged with all other lists from hospitals/temples etc.
Also, Iíve seen some mails worry about Andy Krant. Him and Kir has sent a greeting card to K in Bumrungrad hospital so they are both fine.


MessageFrom: Merete Vanebo
Date: 3-Jan-2005

I would like to mention the owner of Pakking Pharma in Khao Lak. When I asked her for helps he came in our car down to her shop, opened her doors and asked what we needed.
We got all medical-supplies we asked for.
She did the same for Keit and Paul the next day.
She was a generous and kind friend in our time of desperation, and helped a lot of people.
I hope you could find a way to help her financially, she deserves all she can get.
Merete Vanebo

MessageFrom: Nick White
Date: 3-Jan-2005

My thoughts are with all the people who have been touched by this tragidy. I would like to say hello to everyone who I used to know, work, play and dive with in Thailand. I live in London Paddington now and hope you are all safe any help I can be please do not hesitate to ask.

MessageFrom: Heidi Ostlie
Date: 3-Jan-2005
Subject: More home and on their way

Hello everyone.
Patrik and I were up in the sweedish mountains when we heard what had happened..
We didnt have any internet accsess..
So I am sorry for not beeing able to respond any emails..
We just couldn't belive it... The videos and the pictures they showed in the newspapers and on the TV.. it all seemed crazy..
We were constantly thinking of all you people.. our friends and work buddys in Thailand, Khao Lak.
Wondering what had happened to all of you.. where you were.. and so on..
I spoke with Jennifer, and she gave me some good news.. but information was missing about everyone..
We arrived home last night and after reading all your email.. and espessially hearing Keiths story, we both just bursted into tears..
I dont think we will ever understand what some of you have gone through...
But you are surely heroes.. all of you..
Lots of love from Patrik&Heidi


MessageFrom: Piers Diment
Date: 2-Jan-2005

Count on me to help out in any way i can. These are my friends and this can happen to any one of us at any time. Makes you glad to have mates that care. And rest assured we do...


MessageFrom: JŲrgen Svedberg
Date: 30-December-2004

Hi all.
Just received words from Paul:

merete....fine, should be off to some other corner of the world by now - no injuries
Jim and Andrea...here in the 'Kok looking for trips home. most governments are not giving anyone free flights home!!!! they are cajoling and working the system to go - no injuries
Takeshi...was on the boat and therefore fine - no injuries. Naomi -no word
Fred and Micheal - both okay - no injuries.
as for me, I am actually fine. i have popped into the hospital once, and will probably go again, but due to a massive sinus infection from all the dirty flood water i snorted. otherwise fine.
the diving community seems to have suffered the least in this disaster. all of liquid and coral grand survived, most other schools report the same. it was the guests and friends who suffered most.
for now appreciate waht you have..

And from Merete, with whom Jennifer is speaking with on the phone as I write this; brusied but sane and home safe in Norway with her parents.
Take care

MessageFrom: JŲrgen Svedberg
Date: 30-December-2004

Hi all.
Here are some more news from all fantastic networks around the world supporting our friends and families.
Keith and Sara is home. Both are in Sweden in Sara's home. They are both well.
Joakim with family is back since yesterday as well as Monica. All well.
Karin Sundelius is accoding to a text message to her mum on her way as well and expected to land in Stockholm this evening Swedish time.
Paul seems to be in hospital, probably in Bangkok undergoing treatment/surgey and is beaten up but OK.
Kay is in hospital in Suratthani undergoing treatment for quite serious leg injuries. He is under trhe curcumstances ok.
Jaska is in Phuket or on his way to Samui/Tao and ok.
Marcel of CG is one his way home or home already and ok.
Although we know everybody are ok, we miss news/updates/whereabouts about Merete, Jim and Andrea, Takeshi and Naomi, Fred and Michael and many more. If you have information about them and other friends and colleauges, please pass it on. If any of you "missing" reads this, please let us all know you are safe and well.
I just received a mail from Jo:
There are no words to describe what the people of khao lak have been through. The devastation is unimaginable even with the press footage. We are lucky enough to be alive as so many weren't. The scenes were horrific and will stay in our minds forever but we are all alive by some kind of miracle. Everyone from both Liquid/ Kon tiki and coral grand are safe we will begin the recovery process as the events sink in over the next few days.
Most of us have nothing, Klaus and I lost everything including our precious dog anne. I have come home with a plastic bag after 5 and a half years in thailand but our losses are nothing compared to some.
Thank you for your mails and concern. I am very pleased to be sitting here able to write this mail and that I was able to run from a huge destructive wave that crused everything in its path. I found a house to climb onto and that house was high enough to save me.
Klaus is still in Thailand and will be coming back to Europe soon. He has a friend who got injured quite badly but will be evacuated soon.
much love
Bless you Jo for your words. We are all so happy you are ok.
The fund raising activity still goes on. Many of our friends needs financial support. If you can, please support our friends now coming home. Millions of thanks to all of you who already has been contributing so generoulsy!
Take care out there. Keep the information flowing!
Jorgen and Jennifer

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