Saturday, September 09, 2006

Ready to Go!!

Well, the time has come and next Friday or Saturday I'll be off to Cornwall to begin the End to End cycle trip.

Daryl has followed up his non-existent training ritual by dropping out of the trip altogether, and unfortunately our support driver is also unable to come so I will be left to fend for myself when I get to the northern wastelands of Scotland where they eat Englishmen. Daryl did suggest doing the ride on a static bike at the gym but I ask you, what use is that??!!! (Sorry Porky - got to have that last pop at you!)

I must admit to a high state of nerves and agitation coupled with no little sadness and even fleeting depression when Daryl gave me the bad news. True enough looking at his rear end for 1000 miles wasn't going to be the highlight of my year but, as they say, a burden shared is a burden halved.

Nevertheless, thanks largely to a fantastic wedding in Denmark (always to be recommended), and a complete change of scenery, I'm filled with a renewed sense of hope and adventure. I'm sure to meet others doing the same as me and I'm looking forward to catching up with several friends along the way.

If anyone thinks they're anywhere near the route I'm taking to Scotland Up the western side of England, skirting Wales) and can offer me a place to kip, please drop me a line via this website. Also, if anyone's planning to get down to Cornwall this weekend or is driving back from Scotland in 2/3 weeks time, could I please have a lift?! Any money saved on transport will mean that more goes to the victims of the Dahab bombings.

Please do email and phone with support and sarky comments - it'll all help to keep my spirits up - and if anyone needs a multi-lingual dive instructor out in the Maldives this winter, I'm your man!! (You can only take so much time in the saddle after all. Feels like I've been sat on a razor blade for weeks as it is.)

Right, time to pack my panniers, pump up my tyres and, well, you can guess the rest.

Guy Venner 9.9.06


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