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Tsunami Disaster Appeal 24 hour Sponsored Dive-athon

Takes Place 6 February 2005

Last Updated: 14-Jan-2005

As we all know the Indian Ocean Tsunami wiped out everything in its path leaving millions without shelter, water, food or livelihoods. The effects have been well documented in the media over the last few weeks. This is an area with which many divers feel a particular affinity. The diving community is particularly active in this part of the world forming a cornerstone of the tourist industry in many of the countries that were worst affected by the disaster.

There are two charities working to get aid to those in need. The first is the well known Disaster Emergency Committee; a group of leading charities working together to ensure that people receive the water, food, shelter and medical supplies they so urgently need. This is not a short-term project. It will take a considerable amount of time before these communities are sufficiently rebuilt so that they can, once more, function without international aid. The second charity is Dive Aid, newly established to support some of the communities in Thailand who had previously earned their livelihoods from the dive industry. Founded after the tsunami by divers who had been personally effected by the disaster the charity is helping those in the dive industry around Kao Lak, Thailand to re-establish themselves in terms of getting basic aid for the locals and their families and financial assistance to build up their businesses once more. A large percentage of the tourism there is dive related and so this is essential for long-term economic recovery.

In order to raise funds for both these charities Diving Leisure London, in conjunction with other dive centres across the country will be conducting a sponsored 24 hour dive-athon. Southfields College is kindly donating their pool for the weekend (cheers Barry!!). Starting at lunchtime on Saturday 5th February we will be diving through the night until lunchtime Sunday 6th February. You can sign up to join the dive tea for time slots of between 3- and 24-hours. So we need YOU. We need divers…and lots of them. We will also need tank luggers, tank fillers and general tea/snack makers. This is a fab opportunity to get into the pool, practice some skills, learn some new ones and do what will probably be your only ever dive at 3am! Depending on numbers we will probably rotate divers so that everyone will do a bit of the lugging/filling/tea making. If you want to dive but don’t have your own kit, let us know and we’ll see what we can do. However, if you fancy coming along purely as a support person you will be more than welcome. Even if you can’t make it to the actual event, this is a team effort so please try and get the dive team some sponsorship from your family, friends and colleagues, or even some corporate sponsorship from the boss!!!

If you want to take part or have any queries, please give Sally a shout on 07801 253 140 or email [email protected]. We’ll add you to the dive team and send you some more details in a week or so. Sponsorship form is attached. Looking forward to having lots of fun, going VERY pruney and raising ridiculous sums of cash!!!!!

Lots of love
Sal, Chris and the DLL Krew xx

PS: Prize to the person who raises the most cash!!!

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