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Kermadec Islands Marine Reserve
- Underwater Photography Expedition

Departs 19 March 2005

Last Updated: 25-Jan-2005

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The attachment contains details of the world first dive/uw photography expedition to the first time available Kermadec Islands Marine reserve we are dedicating the proceeds from to post-tsunami humanitarian aid and in particular,to assist in the re-building of the regions dive tourism industry's infrastructure on which the region's economy is so reliant,and represents being a primary source of employment for so many tsunami survivors.It is also a dedication in commemoration of the tragic number of international divers who lost their lives in this unprecedented disaster.

We are particularly hopeful that our pledge might spearhead additional contributions from within the NZL/AUS diving industry and towards this objective have posted contact info on AUS/NZL dive forums and dive media relating to Dive Aid, DOCT and the tsunami relief fund being co-ordinated by the ONE [OceaNEvironment charity arm of Environment Australia] which is undertaking dive industry tsunami disaster relief in Sri Lanka, Phuket and Maldives, as recommended aid relief organisations underataking to distribute 100% of funds and not 'siphoning off the top' as is the case with most high profile aid relief organisations, and most of all, the assurity that all funds raised are going to regional dive industry aid purposes.

We have had some cancellations due to some intending participants having lost immediate family and friends in this disaster and wanting to maximise the extent of our pledge, should you have contact to any possible 'takers' among your diver connections, perhaps you can refer this very unique and once in a lifetime milestone dive/uw photography program to them - similar detailing to the attachment available on our partially completed website www,nzdivexperiences.com

Incidentally, one of the principle guest lecturers/photo workshop tutors on this expedition is the acclaimed, award-winning Michael Aw who is also publisher of both Australasia Scuba Diver mag. and Asian Geographic - currently travelling in the devastated region on a fact-finding mission and in addition to pledging the proceeds from this expedition, we plan on a presentation of his photo-coverage from this trip during the expedition to raise further donations from among the 46 international passengers with this and various other fund-raising efforts during the voyage.

Thanks for your follow-up. Every success with your admirable efforts and please keep us updated.

Mike Meynell

New Zealand Dive Experiences
PO Box 173 - Kaeo
Northland - New Zealand 0471
[t] +64 9 405 0719
[e] [email protected]

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