Monday, September 18, 2006

Dive Aid Cycle Event - The story so far!

I'm having a rest day in Tavistock where I'm catching up with some old mates. It's lovely but I'm worried about an injury I sustained yesterday.

The first day I did 76 miles over some really nasty hills but apart from a light head and smelling bad I was okay. That night my left knee stiffened up but was just about passable on the bike yesterday.

The problem came when I rode into Liskeard on day 2 and suddenly got shooting pains down my entire right leg. Despite trying to keep it moving and warm, the pain became excruciating over the next 20 miles and it was only the thought of seeing my mates that kept me going. In a place that began with a G about 5 miles from Tavistock I met a liar: he told me it was all downhill to my destination. 2 mighty hills later I finally made it.

The nausea and dizziness finally went when I managed something to eat but I woke up this morning really worried about the future of the ride. I went to the local bike shop - Tavistock Cycles - and they were great. Martin modified my cleats and the saddle and I stocked up on painkillers and Red Bull. He suggested a route around the moor for tomorrow which I'm going to have to take as I don't want to run the risk of not making it because of the pressure a steep climb will put on the leg. He reckons that despite the training I've put in, the combination of the panniers having to go on at the last minute and the gradient of the hills have caused a nerve in my back to become trapped. Now, every time I push down on the right pedal the pain hits me like a bolt.

I'd expected something like this but possibly not quite this bad! Still, I've been told I've done the worst part of the trip now - 125 miles on the computer (not bad for 2 days in the hills with luggage) and things should level out from Tiverton.

I must admit I'm nervous - have been from the start - but looking on the bright side my arse is holding out well and I'm having a good time counting all the funny colours my wee is turning.

A special mention must go to Will and Pete, 2 nice lads I caught up with between Truro and St. Austell. I wheel-sucked Will for a few miles and we finally stopped for a quick break in St. Austell. Will, despite a t-shirt that said "Feeling Great" collapsed on the grass looking very pasty. He'd had cramp in Truro and was feeling rough.

Pete said, "Have you done much training for this then?"

"A fair bit." I replied. "30 odd miles a day for a fair while but it wasn't enough! What about you."

"Well," he said as Will began to groan, "we've done about and hour between us in the last 2 years!!"

Boys, I hope you made it to Exeter for the footie on Sunday. I know I didn't!! And if you read this, take care and I hope we meet again.

Guy - 18.9.06


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