Friday, October 06, 2006

Thanks to all who helped make the cycle ride possible

These include (in no particular order):

  • First Great Western Trains for getting my bike and I down to Penzance
  • BMI for the offer of a flight home from Aberdeen - wish I'd needed it!
  • The Cycle Centre in Penzance for the work on the bike rack and Tavistock Cycles for the route across the moors.
  • Katherine Boyle at Three Counties Radio for spreading the word about Dive Aid and for never failing to raise my spirits.
  • Opps Training for their financial support. Thanks Vince and Barbara.
  • Stephanie Sergeant PR for invaluable advice and moral support.
  • Mix 96 for the interview.
  • David Price - for helping me back on my feet
  • Liscombe Park Health Club staff and members for their donations and encouragement when things got tough.
  • All the locals at The Swan Inn, Northall for donations and support.
  • Theo Gray for all his work - yet again - on the website.

Thank you all. Your help made a huge difference to me when I needed it most. I hope to have the chance to thank you all individually and face to face.

Guy: 6.10.06


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