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The tzunamie's unsung hero's.

Last Updated: 2-Jan-2005, Ian & Vanessa
Support from Ian and his South-african wife Vanessa in Samoa

Dear Friends, Family and all Scuba Divers

With shaky hands i am typing this mail to you all, i am suer you have all seen the news in regards to the Tzunami desaster that struck on the 24th of december, Ian & I have dear Friends that have made their home in Thailand, especially in Koa Lak, as you may know , this area is no longer their, according to those friends who have luckely survived. You will find an account of what Keith went through and you will understand why i am tremmbling whiel writing,

You all acted with unselfish harts, trying to do what you could under the cercumstances where many would have paniced or given up, We prey that in time the wounds both inside and out will find peace and heal. We are so gratefull that you are all safe, alive and together with those that you love, Keith you wrote am amazing letter about what you had to go through , explaining those that were heros with out knowing it, you are all amazing and thank-you for sharing it. I prey that this new year will bring joy hope and good fortune to you and all who have been touched by this tragedy.

Kay, you are laid up in hospital, with wounds that meny people would have given up on, and yet you have shown strength in the face of your tragic dance with the tzunami, we prey for your quick and safe recovery.

Now all of you who read this, all this info has been shared amoungst friends who are trying to do what they can do, So thank-you for sharing all the info, keeping the network of information flowing so that we know what is happening.

Those of you who would like to help please do, you may actually have met so of these victoms/Hero's/ Divers in your travils around the world, and know they need help.

So thank-you: Guy, Joakim, Keith, Karim, Jorgen AND All of you. For being who we know you to be, kind, caring ,tuff and unselfish people, you all made a diffrence in our lives when we lived in thailand and will always be apart of our futuer. God bless and keep you all

All our Love
Ian & Vanessa Cooper

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