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Last Updated: 26-April-2006, Viola

Hello from dahab!

U all know the news meanwhile, so i will just try and write my personal version here.
And up 1st: it seems that everybody we know is ok.

The bombs went up in front of al capone, in front of/directly at the bridge by the Chinese restaurant and in front of the juwelery shop right next to the big ghazala, opposite the herb shop with all the sacks of herbs outside. Both shops are burned out and the houses damaged.

The bridge had lost its wooden railing on the Chinese side but they already rebuilt it yesterday afternoon.

I was coming down the street from blue hole office (opposite sphinx hotel) and heard the detonations and saw the smoke and then went to the bridge from behind (passing the taxis by the mosk) but turned around when they started carrying “things” in carpets and threw it on a pick up with a “bum”. Must have been a dead body.

Yesterday, on the day after, dahab was full of tv teams. Most of the stuff was already cleaned up but there were blood stains. A big one with tissue in front of capones and blood sprinkles all the way between the bridge and ghazala.

It was to be bart's good bye party in blue beach but they evacuated and closed the bar.

Yesterday it seemed that everybody was still in shock, confused and trying to get the head back together.

So far the story is that some of the lagona divers got injured, maybe even a divemaster dead. They had been in capone's for dinner. German jens and dania went to sharm to be with the customers in hospital and to identify a dead body (?).

Lotta's peter got hurt in one eye and has tinitus in one ear, he was near the Chinese restaurant. Australian Vernon almost fell over dead bodies, also being around the Chinese.

Rob's (my boyfriend) parents were in the big ghazala when it happened and had luckily forgotten something when already standing at the till, so they went back to the back of ghazala and that way missed the flying windows etc. from the pressure wave. They must have had an guardian angel.

Friends of mine from germany were in one of the shops near al capones. They had passed the bridge just a few minutes before the bombs. – more guardian angels!!!

Quad bike shop owner mohsen wanted to help at the bridge and trying to lift up a body went right through it as if it was custard. That's when he decided he can't take it and went home to his wife and kid.

It seems from the dead people we might know some Egyptians from the restaurants. I would only know their faces, if even.

Yesterday the dahab kids demonstrated all day against war and bombs and many locals and Egyptians came along to gather at the bridge at 4 p.m.

Today everybody who is able, went back to normal. I think, all people we know want to stay and not be scared off by bloody bombs. But business seems to already go down. We have to see when the easter holiday people have left, what's left then or coming over then. Looks shit though, I suppose.

Kerhsa (our compressor boy at sea dancer) said to me: “u know, it's muslims again and muslims are not all bad. It doesn't say anywhere in the coran to kill people and children. Why do they do that? We all don't understand.”

Everybody asks everybody if things are ok at the moment. So it seems the community of dahab rather gains a stronger feeling of unity then being torn apart.

So, get ur asses up and come back for a holiday, regardless!!!!
Love, viola

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