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Any news from Sabai Sabai?

Last Updated: 12-Mar-2005

We were in Khao Lak staying in Sabai Sabai, small bunglalows on the beach and so we were washed off the beach too but were fortunate enough to have managed to survive with relatively minor injuries.
We were so lucky to survive as a family too, as at the hosital sadly we seemd to be the only family intact.

The internet makes it a small world.
We spoke to K at the hospital (my husband is French) and we were so happy to know that he has not lost his leg as it looked dreadful when we saw him.
We also were glad to know that Steffi and Mathew were reunited as we climbed out of the waters near Mathews appartment and encountered Steffi distressed and looking for Mathew.
We have had no news of the staff at Sabai Sabai and if anyone knows anything we would really like some good news as they ran with us from the beach along side us. I hope that they are OK too.

Kind regards

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