Dive Aid

Dr Luba Matic, SSS Recompression Chamber Network

Last Updated: 8-Feb-2005

I would like to say thank you to all who helped on 26th in Khaolak.

Especially to all dive professionals who were up to their armpits in helping injured people. Those are the people who prevented so many secondary injuries which would be otherwise massive given a circumstances.

Khaolak story would be even more tragical if that wasn't a diving place (and still is!) full of people trained in life support skills, people who know how to stay calm even when that is not really an option. Lot of thanx to the Thai girl called Tukta i met on 26th of December in Khaolak clinic where we tried to provide some emergency medical assistence, triaging and evac to the overwhelming number of injured people. Later on i ended up in Takuapa morgue for a month and never met her since. I hope she is OK. If anybody knows her please tell her that i am sorry i did not have a chance earlier to say how much i appreciated her selfless assistence that day.

-- Dr Luba Matic, SSS Recompression Chamber Network

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